What are Spray Foam Rigs and Why are They Important for an Austin, TX Doctor’s Office Construction

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After you have decided to either buy or build out a spray foam insulation rig for a doctor’s office in Austin, TX, you have to know all the details. That includes how to properly equip your trailer so that you can grow your investment. One of the considerations about spray foam rigs is what you’ll be using them for. Also, what it is that you’ll be spraying.

It all depends on the kind of business you are and if you’re an industrial contractor. If you have customers who give you large projects like spraying air barrier systems and roofs, you need an excellent spray foam rig. What you require is a constant and regular source of electricity to power your compressor. Therefore you have to make sure that nothing shorts out and you can get the job done.

Among the options you have are smaller, electric units or gas compressors and generators. You can even opt for diesel generators that come with an electric compressor. These take care of large scale industrial projects. Your business must have a reliable spray foam rig so you can get any job done. Keep in mind that when it comes to any job, electrical power cannot fail, so it is best to make sure your electrical sources are up to date.

Generator Size

To determine the right size of the generator for a Austin rig, you’ll need these are the step to consider:

· Listing the components of the system and what in watts are their top load requirements

· Add up the requirements in watts for these components

· To determine the kVA or kilovolt amperes multiply total watts by 1.25

· Choose a generator that is in size equal to or greater than the total kVA

Trailer Configuration

Deciding what kind of rig in Austin, TX you need is essential. A trailer can pull any truck; therefore, your consideration is the trailer. If you have a gooseneck-style trailer, then you need a truck that can handle the fifth wheel. Gooseneck trailers can handle larger loads; however, they are also harder to maneuver, mainly when spaces are tight.

The rig has to have the right size frame for a doctor’s office. Axels must be strong enough for a full up load. This is especially important when traveling on roads that are rough and uneven. You also have to pay attention to the gross vehicle weight of the truck that will pull the trailer. You have to be sure that the truck can safely and legally carry all the weight.

Trailer Door

It is important to consider the configuration of the trailer door. There are two types of doors for a rig in Austin, TX:

· Barn-style doors make it easy to load drums with a forklift. They work well when spaces are tight. The doors keep cleaner.

· Ramp-style doors make it easy for material drum handling even without a forklift. They provide easy entry and have no step-up. If you’re not using a forklift, then these are the doors to consider.


Safety is always a crucial matter, so you have to have safety features. These are required to protect yourself, your employees,  your patients and even the rig in Texas. The necessary items are:

· Fire extinguishers

· A station for emergency eye washing

· A fully equipped first aid kit

All of the necessary electrical codes should be followed for a doctor’s office. There should be a well-constructed material bracing to make sure all the drums stay secure and safe while the trailer is in motion. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you know the trailer meets all safety requirements.

Things to Consider When Buying or Building a Spray Foam Rig

If you’re going to get a spray foam rig built in Austin, Texas, you have to know all about the process. It will be an investment for your doctor office, and even in you are buying a rig, you have to know the right questions to ask.


Find out if all of the equipment that comes along with an Austin, TX rig has warranties. This will save you from a lot of headaches if anything breaks down when handling all the doctor’s requests.

· Is there a hose. If the spray rig door has to be opened for the hose, the temperature will fluctuate. This will affect the reaction between materials A and B.

· You have to make sure the proportioner is protected, especially when on rough roads. Usually, construction sites have uneven roads, so you have to be sure the proportioner is on shock-absorbing pads.

· Spray rigs require high-temperature air dryers. This is so in hot climates the moisture that goes in and out doesn’t form ISO crystallization,

Trailer Capacity

Check the Austin, TX trailer carefully to see how it’s constructed. It should be able to handle the weight of both the heavy equipment and the material drums for a doctor’s office construction. You have to know what capacity the trailer can hold. You have to know the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR. The trailer has to be able to support at least two or three sets of material drums. It must also support a compressor, generator, and one or two proportioners. Carefully check the interior height so that there is plenty of headroom. This will make it easier to change out a transfer pump and not tilt the material drums.

Trailer Construction

In the process of transport, things spill like chemicals. Barrels and drums slide or shift. This all weighs heavily on a Texas doctor’s office floor. You have to make sure the flooring of the spray rig is durable and sturdily built.

Next up, you have to know if the spray rig is isolated and if it has air conditioning and a heater. It is crucial to maintain the temperature of chemicals. By keeping the temperature regulated, it’ll be better to control the reaction that occurs between materials A and B.

In warm or hot weather, the A/C keeps the material from overheating and thus, expanding the drums. It also helps keep humidity down. In cold weather, you need a heater to warm up materials to reach optimal spray temperatures for Spray Foam Rigs Austin, TX .

Finally, you have to make sure the trailer is equipped adequately for weight load distribution. The right distribution keeps the tongue weight at an acceptable level, and the towing conditions will be safer. There should not be too much swaying.