How does a doctor become the backstage doctor at the Grammy’s?




Every year The Recording Academy, a U.S. based organization comprised of musicians, recording engineers, and producers, holds an annual event, the Grammy’s, to confer a variety of industry awards and recognition upon deserving professionals. As with any large award ceremony, there is a high level of organizational coordination that goes into the event. One such backstage role is that of medical doctor on-call during the Grammy award ceremony.

To fill the position of backstage staff doctor at the Grammy’s is much like filling any other medical support role for a private institution. It’s not like they have to do singing auditions like all the famous attendees. Naturally, an individual wanting to fulfill this role would require a medical licence in general or emergency medicine, a qualification that in the U.S. can take several years to attain. To specifically work as the backstage doctor at the Grammy’s, one must possess a license to practice in the state of California where the event in held. Most physicians who serve as medical support have experience working privately for musicians, actors, or other elite individuals.


Doctors who specialize in concierge medicine are most likely to fulfill the duty of backstage doctor at the Grammy’s. Concierge medicine refers to private doctors who do not operate a public practice but are retained by individuals, or in this case institutions such as The Recording Academy, to provide enhanced and private care. A doctor seeking to serve backstage at the Grammy’s as medical support staff would need a private concierge practice to be retained by the organization.

Like many other performances and award shows in California, the Grammy’s always has some form of medical support backstage should any musician, producer, or general staff member require medical intervention. To attain such a job as backstage doctor at a function like the Grammy’s requires years of education, training, in addition to a well curated social and business practice.