Why Young Men Should Play Football & the Health Benefits it Entails





Most parents and guardians have stopped encouraging their sons to play football because of what is constantly being said about the game. There has been a lot of criticism surrounding this game. However, most of the claims made about football are based on exaggerations made by the media and attorneys. Football is a great game that instills very important values in young men. Below are some of the reasons why you should encourage young men to play football.

Football Builds Confidence

Football players learn a lot of discipline and endurance while training and playing the game. This not only enables them to give their best in all their matches but also enables them to face daily life challenges head on without any fears. This comes in handy especially when the young men enter the job market where they have to deal with different challenges to get ahead in life.

Football Builds Character

This game requires people to work in teams. Young men involved in this game learn how to be patient, considerate, empathetic, encouraging and kind to each other among other things in order to build a strong team. These qualities are not only good for the team but also for the society at large. A young man with these qualities is able to relate with other people around him with ease and they are a joy to be around.

Football Brings People Together

Football is a unifying game. It brings players of different religion, race, culture and beliefs together for one purpose. Such an environment teaches an individual how to appreciate people for their differences and work with them for the common good.

Football Teachers Leadership

Different members of the team will often find themselves in a situation where they have to lead by example to take their team to the next level. Such responsibility enables an individual to learn different aspects of leadership which are important in everyday life.


Football Increases Good Health


In this day and age of obesity, playing football can increase a teen’s metabolism which can help blood flow and weight loss.