Why SEO Matters for Orlando Medical Professionals

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You’ve heard the term SEO and know it stands for search engine optimization, but you’re an Orlando, FL medical professional – what do I need SEO for?


Every day we hear a new strategy or technology that blasts across social media such as Facebook declaring, “this is the next best thing for your medical practice!” You can’t determine if it actually works or if it’s a slick salesman selling the next snake oil. When the “too good to be true,” marketing strategies becomes so common place, you start thinking everything is snake oil, and this has been the assumption for SEO for a very long time.


The truth is SEO matters! What has happened is the techniques, methods, and strategies have changed. So one Orlando SEO company might be using a technique from 2005 while another Orlando SEO Agency is using the most modern techniques, so when you’re getting clashing information, it’s easier to disregard all of it.

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The 2019 Google update is making marketing professionals focus more on search intent rather than keywords, so when interviewing Orlando SEO professionals for SEO services you need to be listening for this phrase, “we put more of our focus on your patient’s search intent rather than focus on keywords.”


Since most of your patients and new patients are from the Orlando, FL area, you know local SEO is the top strategy for finding them and sending them to your medical practice. If you outrank every other Orlando doctor for your specialized field, how easy is this to understand. If you are a pediatrician and someone types in Orlando Pediatrician, you would want your name and your practice’s website to be #1.

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How to get Started with Local Orlando SEO


  • Optimize your website – Fill out your website with researched keywords.
  • Google My Business – Make sure you have one and optimize with your keywords.
  • Reviews – Use Google My Business, Facebook, yelp, BBB to garnish positive reviews about your Orlando Medical Practice.


How to Focus on Orlando Search Intent


Google’s 2019 algorithm update got really good at understanding your patient’s online searches through the context and intent behind them. What this means is if the content on your website matches the patient’s intent you will rank higher in the search results. So if you focus on the intention rather than how many times your keyword is in your content you will fare much better in the search results.


How do you do this?


Think of what your patients ask you when doing a consultation or first visit. If you answer those questions on your website this is focusing on intent. If you get stuck do a Google search for your competition and see who ranks #1. Look at their site and the content and see how they’re answering the Orlando Patients search intent.


Do Not Ever copy someone else’s content. This will get your website penalized by Google very quickly. Rather develop your own content that relies more on answering questions geared towards your patient’s intent.


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A step-by-step guide on what you should write about is have a biography of you – where you went to school, the degrees and certifications you hold, why you wanted to be a doctor, what a patient will expect when they come into your office and what a checkup will involve, what a new patient can do to get started, and anything else you hear a lot from your patients.  This will help your site by SEO friendly.


How Orlando SEO differs


There is definitely a generation gap between the baby boomers and the millennials. Millennials are taking over the work force and a study done in 2014 says millennials do not like traditional marketing (paid ads, cold calling, emailing) – they don’t trust it.


However, with SEO you attract your patients by them coming to you, rather than the traditional methods of you reaching out to them. This way you avoid upsetting your potential patients with pushy sales tactics or annoying ads they have to scroll through to get where they’re going.

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Don’t Let SEO be the Only Thing you Do


You’ve heard the phrase, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” this applies to your marketing strategy too. SEO is amazing, but you shouldn’t let it be all that you do. Branch out into social media marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), and do some PPC such as Google ads. Maybe even throw in some old traditional methods of radio or TV spots (if you have the budget), or an Orlando billboard.




Orlando SEO Services is here to stay for the next several years. If you haven’t started investing into SEO, don’t worry; just make sure you do start. It will lead to a major leads traffic increase to your website.


If your medical practice is based out of Orlando, Florida you cannot refuse to do SEO or like we hear all the time, “SEO is not for me, I get plenty of new patients!” This is idiotic thinking. Your patients’ will eventually dry out, and then what? If you hadn’t started SEO yet, it will take months to recover the lost business. Why? SEO takes time to set it up and get going, the longer you wait, the harder it is to get started.


At the very least, get your website optimized with content that is intent driven rather than keyword driven. All of this will give you another revenue stream that you can draw from, while building a much stronger brand. Right now, everyone and their mothers trust Google to find the information they need at a moment’s notice – don’t you want your brand to be trusted by the Orlando community?


So to get started, optimize your website, make sure you set up a Google Map listings and do a lot of postings on it, get 5 star positive reviews on Google Maps, Facebook, BBB, yellow pages, Yelp, pretty much anywhere you can put a review.


After you get this done call a Florida SEO company to help you take your medical practice to the next step. I wish you well in your business endeavors!